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Elementary School

at Yeshivat Torat Yosef

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Elementary School begins in Kindergarten.


At Yeshivat Torat Yosef, elementary school begins in kindergarten. With separate classes for boys and girls, our kindergarten curriculum focuses on integrating the open and creative platform of our Early Childhood Education with the more structured academic curriculum of Elementary School in a warm and child-centered learning environment.

The transition from an open platform to a more structured academic curriculum.

To facilitate this transition, our kindergarten classrooms are equipped with both play equipment and desks. Every day blends structured instruction with open learning opportunities, allowing our kindergarteners to utilize self-paced workbooks and hands-on materials to encourage personalized learning. Through fostering the unique potential of each student, our educational approach cultivates a love for learning while introducing Jewish values and Sephardic traditions through inventive programming.

A dual curriculum of Judaic and General Studies.


The Judaic Studies curriculum is rooted in Torah, Mitzvot, and Middot, aiming to instill a passion for learning, Jewish values, Derech Eretz, and critical thinking. It encompasses the study of Parashat Hashavuah and Chagim, along with instruction in reading and writing the Aleph Bet. Pronunciation adheres to Sephardic customs, and Sephardic Minhagim are integrated into the study of the Chagim. All planned activities, including trips and assemblies, are designed to deepen our students' love for learning and equip them with the skills to excel as B’nei Torah.



In General Studies, our foundational curriculum covers English, phonics, writing, math (concepts and basic operations), science, and social studies, complemented by classes in music, movement, art, and physical education (PE), ensuring each day brings new experiences.

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Getting down to basics.

First grade is a magical year of academic and social/emotional growth.

Our dual curriculum builds on the skills reinforced in kindergarten while increasing the opportunities for creating new skills, exploring the fundamentals of learning, and navigating new social challenges. Our students continue to practice the tefillot they have previously learned and add new ones from the siddur in preparation for a lifelong of davening and their Siddur party at the end of the year. 
The introduction of Dikduk (Hebrew phonetics and grammar) and a more in-depth study of the Chagim and Parashat Hashavuah add to the richness of the Judaic Studies curriculum. In General Studies, Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies are the foundation of our core curriculum with the integration of Ceramics, Robotics, STEM, and PE (Physical Education), which allow our students an opportunity to express and hone their talents as individuals and enrich their elementary school experience.

One of our main goals in first grade is reading fluency in Hebrew and English. A reading specialist is provided to support and help each student reach their reading potential by the end of the school year.

Character-building skills derived from the curriculum are practiced in the classroom.


The development of ethical behavior, Derech Eretz and Middot Tovot is derived naturally from the curriculum and practiced under the guidance of our Judaic and General Studies faculty, both in the classroom and through a variety of community Chesed activities.

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First Grade
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