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Early Childhood Education
at Yeshivat Torat Yosef


Nurturing the whole child

From our Infant Room to Pre-K, we focus on the whole child. During this critical time in your child’s development, our goal is to nurture their physical, social/emotional, language, and cognitive development using a Torah-themed curriculum.


Using this student-centered approach, our professional Morahs use well-researched, engaging practices to promote developmental growth through a combination of center-based academic activities, hands-on art projects, and multi-sensory play, both in the class and on the playground, which promotes creative thinking. Our classrooms are equipped with developmentally appropriate materials, allowing each child to work according to their ability or skill level. Music, beginning in our infant room, and STEM activities add to our dynamic and interdisciplinary approach to learning.

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Fostering Torah values and happy smiles

Through hands-on learning and discovery, your children experience a sequence of planned creative activities that nurture curiosity, foster problem-solving skills, and prepare them to succeed in school and life. By integrating differentiated learning strategies, we identify and encourage each child’s unique abilities that promote personal growth, Torah values, academic excellence, self-esteem, and happy smiles.

Accredited by the Gold Seal Quality Care


Accreditation signifies that our yeshiva has exceeded the required minimum licensing standards to become accredited by the Florida Department of Education, whose standards reflect a high-quality level of care and supervision provided to your children.

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Infant Room

Through individual and group parallel play, each infant can explore their surroundings under the careful watch of our loving and professional faculty. Tummy time, group stroller walks, and supervised play on the playground promote fine and gross motor and social skills.


Walking and sitting in a toddler chair begin the transition from the Infant Room to the Toddler Program, where our toddlers take their first steps on an educational journey of exploration, stimulation, Torah, and Jewish values. Our curriculum focuses on social structures, basic self-care skills, and themed units such as feelings, our five senses, and colors.

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Nursery 2

Motion, novelty, and adventure in learning are the basis of the Nursery 2 program. Our integrated Judaic and General Studies curriculum engages our two-year-olds through dramatic play, sensory activities, and age-appropriate skill-building activities through the lens of the Torah. Our curriculum focuses on building and strengthening both their gross and fine motor skills as well as their language and social skills.

Nursery 3

Nursery 3 emphasizes learning-based skills that promote reading readiness in Judaic and General Studies. With a sound introduction to the alphabet and the Aleph Bet, our three-year-olds focus on letter recognition and beginning sounds. Counting, differentiating shapes, and rhyming skills are all integrated into an interdisciplinary approach of play and creativity, ignited by the themes in the weekly Torah Parasha.



Our Pre-K program provides four-year-olds with foundational skills in Hebrew and English and hones their gross motor, fine motor, and social skills in preparation for Elementary School. Your children are encouraged and supported as they explore, discover, and develop self-confidence and independence at their own developmentally appropriate pace.

For Admissions Information

Aftercare is available Monday-Thursday, from 4:00-5:00 pm for all early childhood students.

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